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Piano Repair in Broward County FL

From piano tuning and moving, to piano repair and full rebuilding, American Piano Service provides Broward County FL and Dade County FL, with complete acoustic piano repair and tuning services. American Piano Service has a long history of experience in home piano repairs and professional piano repairs of any kind.

Why Would I Need To Get A Piano Repair?

American Piano Service specializes in piano repair in Broward County FL. Our services include, minor repairs including, sticky keys, missing key tops, piano cleaning and more. Our more detailed services includes piano repair, hammer replacement, key-top replacement, activity repair or modifying. We specialize in full-service piano repair on Grands and Uprights:

Our repair includes:

  • Sticky Keys
  • Slow Action Parts
  • Loose Action Parts
  • Instrument Cleaning
  • Hammer Reshaping
  • Fractured Key Sticks
  • Problem Hammer Shanks
  • Diagnostic
  • Pedal Issues – Damping, Shifting, Sostenuto, and Pedal Trap
  • Damper Troubles – After-ring, Swooshing, Oinking
  • Malfunctioning Notes
  • Noises – Buzzes, Rattles, Groans and Clicks
  • Glue Joint Failure
  • Artist Bench Problems
  • Broken Strings – Splicing & Replacing

In addition to piano repairs, we offer all types of piano tuning , piano rebuilding, piano reconditioning and more. Pianos have become a rare delicacy these days and finding a piano tuning and repair service in Broward County is your best bet. We take no short cuts with piano repairs.

If you are looking to get your piano repaired in Broward County FL or Dade County FL, contact the experts at American Piano Service.Larry Weiss has been a Registered Craftsman Member of the Piano Technicians Guild, servicing the Miami, Dade County and South Broward County areas since 1975. Contact us today at Broward County: 954-433-4334 or Dade County: 305-899-1141