What does a piano tuner do when servicing a piano?

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piano tuner Miami FL

Piano Tuner Miami FL

Piano tuning is essential to keep your instrument running at good pace. There are no regulation regarding the tone of instrument, but if you keep it tuned, it can increase the lifespan of piano. Tuning can maintain clarity in the sound, it can also enhance its condition. If you have a piano, you should know what does a piano tuner do when servicing the piano, it can help you decide what is wrong with it. Some piano sound dull, but they can be serviced to produce better sound, here is how tuner do it.

What Does a Piano Tuner do?

  • The first thing is to remove panels
  • Observe that there are strings in each note, all the strings including bass section are checked to find issues.
  • There are some adjustment that can be done on the request of user. Tuner stick a wedge between two strings to hear third string. Once the first string is toned, remaining are tuned to create better unison. The tool used by toners is pap’s wedge that is quite cheap.
  • Comparing mid treble with the pitch of tuning fork is one of the adjustment. Commonly that is known as top C or the middle A.
  • Now tuning of other first notes is done. The pure interval is 8ve, then 5th, 4th, and then major 3rd. once the top C is tuned to the standard tuning fork, top C can be used for tuning middle C. Then tune 5th which is middle G, with the help of middle C. Then middle G could be used to tune G3, tune D4 with G3, then D3 with D4, tune A3 with D3, and that goes on.
  • Piano tuner check third interval, the next note should be E that can be compared with C to find out whether 3rd interval is working fine. This is how the progress of tuner is checked by professionals.
  • The sequence of 5th is like a cycle, if all the 5th are tuned, when return to the C you will see that it is sharp.
  • Once middle section is tuned, rest of the tuning can be done relative to the mid treble using descending and ascending of 8ve.
  • It is common for the tuners to check the piano once done, especially checking of 8ves bass treble break point. Also, it is important to check whether unisons have moved or not.
  • Now it’s time to finalize things, put back the external panel and you will notice the sound so soft that will benefit you for sure.

This may seems difficult for you, but don’t worry tuning isn’t much difficult for professional tuners. Just make sure to hire a person who has quite good experience of dealing with pianos, otherwise you may end up destroying it.