It’s Time for A Piano Tuning Service Fort Lauderdale

piano tuning service Fort Lauderdale

It’s Time for A Piano Tuning Service Fort Lauderdale

3 Tests That Indicate You Need a Piano Tuner Fort Lauderdale

Whether you are an advanced or a beginner pianist, having your instrument properly tuned is imperative for quality sound. Fortunately, there are few at home tests that you can perform to help determine if it is time to hire a professional piano tuning service Fort Lauderdale.

A properly tuned piano will invite one to play, regardless of experience level. Fortunately, there are three, convenient, cost-free tests you can use that will help indicate if a certified piano tuner is needed.

Test #1: Check the Piano’s Pitch

To verify that your piano is tuned and at the correct pitch, compare your “A” note to an accurate reference note. You can perform this test by juxtaposing the “A” note with a physical or online tuning fork. The most commonly used test note is A-440, also known as, the “concert pitch.” If the instrument is at the correct pitch and properly tuned, the vibration rate should be 440 times per second.

Test #2: Check the Single Notes

As you play the individual notes on your piano, make sure to listen for any signs of  “fluttering” in the tone. A well-tuned piano should be steady and balanced to the ear, with each key sounding as a single, identifiable note. Each note on the piano has more than one string except for the lowest bass notes. Ensuring that these various strings are tuned at the same frequency will allow for one harmonious note to be heard. If any of these single notes are not audibly uniform, it is time to call a professional piano tuner Fort Lauderdale.

Test #3: Check the Octaves

Often, external factors such as humidity and temperature vacillations can cause the octaves to become “unaligned” due to soundboard contraction and swelling. The resulting sound can be described as unbalanced and disjointed. To test the frequency, press the far right pedal and play three of the same notes, each an octave apart. They should sound like the same note and seamlessly blend together.

These three tests can save you money and help determine if it is truly time to call a professional piano tuner Fort Lauderdale. If you have a new or restored instrument, it is common to schedule a piano tuning service at least four times during the first year. Every year after, a minimum of two tuning services is recommended.

If you know it’s time for a routine maintenance, Larry Weiss with American Piano Service is the professional piano tuner Fort Lauderdale musicians trust. Call today to schedule your next piano tuning service!