5 Warning Signs That Your Piano Needs piano repair company Fort Lauderdale

piano repair company Fort Lauderdale

5 Warning Signs That Your Piano Needs piano repair company Fort Lauderdale

Larry Weiss Has Been The Expert in Piano Repair Florida for Over 40 Years

Music is an extraordinary gift that has been given to the world, and Larry Weiss of the American Piano Service believes in the power of music. His goal to make sure your piano is sounding fantastic and is kept in good shape. The American Piano Service is a piano tuning and piano repair Florida based company in Fort Lauderdale. Weiss’s company provides top care for pianos in individual homes, as well as, pianos in college music rooms, recording studios, and for other events in Florida. If you are looking for a piano repair company Fort Lauderdale residents trust or a piano tuning company, The American Piano Service is here to help! Below is a list of warning signs that your piano needs to be repaired.

1. The Piano is Noticeably out of Tune

If you want to keep your piano in the best possible condition, you must note when it is out of tune. Pianos naturally drift out of tune over time so it is important to make sure your piano is tuned on a regular basis. Having your piano tuned is no reason to seek piano-repair, but luckily the American Piano Service does repair and tuning without a problem! When you hire a piano tuning company, make sure to track how often it needs to be serviced thereafter and predict when it’s time to call your piano repair company Fort Lauderdale.

  1. The Keys are Soft

It is important to notice that the keys being played have a proper rebound. Make sure that the keys do not become too soft. You will feel the keys fall down when you press them but if they are not “bouncy,” your piano may need a piano tuning company so that you can play properly.

  1. The Hammer Sounds Tinny

The tinny sound in the piano comes from something hard hitting the strings on the inside of the piano. You will notice this off-key sound while playing. To fix this, the piano must be repaired properly. If you are interested in playing the piano often, getting these strings and hammers repaired is a must.

  1. Repairing the Pedals

There are three pedals at the bottom of the piano and each has their own job to make your music sound even more magnificent. You must make sure the pedals of the piano have tension, bounce back quickly and provides the correct function while stepping on the pedal. When these pedals are used too often, they often begin to lose tension and makes it difficult to use them properly. Eventually, the pedals will lose function. To prevent this from happening, call the American Piano Service, the only piano repair company Fort Lauderdale residents can count on.

  1. The Legs and Wheels Wobble

If you notice that the wheels and legs wobble on the piano, you must make sure your piano gets repaired right away, and to not touch them before it is repaired! The piano is not safe when the legs or wheels are not in good condition. You must ask the repairman how long they will last.


The American Piano Service has been the go-to expert for piano repair Florida residents trust for over 40 years. Contact Larry Weiss for all of your piano repair and tuning needs in Fort Lauderdale, Florida!