How Often Should Your Piano Be Serviced?

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How Often Should Your Piano Be Serviced?

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If you are a new piano owner, you may have a host of questions regarding the upkeep of the new heart of your home. Your questions are likely to receive a variety of answers that will vary from person to person, and brand to brand. A new owner may feel inundated with recommendations for their new instrument, so the professionals of American Piano Service,  piano tuner Fort Lauderdale, are here to provide straightforward answers to your inquiries.

While proper care regimens vary depending on manufacturers and quality of materials used, all pianos require regular service by a qualified professional to protect their longevity. A good rule of thumb is to have your piano serviced four times in its first year, and two times per year, each year thereafter. These services should include periodic regulation, voicing and tuning to address each part of your instrument.

It is also important to consider the weather conditions in your area when scheduling regular servicing. Areas subject to changing climatic conditions, such as extreme swings from hot to cold, or dry to wet, may need more frequent servicing. This is because weather changes cause the materials within your instrument (wood, felt, etc.), to swell and contract, which may impact the quality of the piano’s sound.

Those living in temperamental weather conditions can counteract the weather’s impact by placing their piano near a wall, away from windows or doors. When placing your own piano, avoid vents, fireplaces, and areas that receive heavy sunlight. Your piano will still require regular servicing but will see improved performance in the long-haul.

To receive servicing recommendations tailored to your instrument, it is best to contact your piano tuner Fort Lauderdale. Although manufacturers can provide general advice on tuning frequency, your technician can give you specific recommendations based on your particular piano.

If you are looking to preserve your instrument to bring your family a lifetime of enjoyment, contact the professionals of American Piano Service.