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piano repair Fort Lauderdale

Minimize Your Need for Piano Repair This Fall Fort Lauderdale, FL

3 Signs You Need to Repair Your Piano

A piano is a huge investment and similar to other investments, it’s important to keep up with routine maintenance so that you can maximize its value. There are many red flags that you should be on the lookout for which will help extend the life of your instrument. Once you detect these issues, bring it in the the top piano repair Fort Lauderdale to fix all your problems.

  1. Out of Tune: The first sign that your piano is need of repair is if the keys are out of tune. It is natural for a piano’s tone to deteriorate over time, but it is important to have it attended to as soon as possible so that the keys are not severely damaged. Another problem is if your piano is “overturned,” for the strings will not hold as well as they should. We recommend you head into piano tuning Fort Lauderdale and get your piano tuned on an annual basis.

  2. Wobbly Legs and Wheels: If the piano’s legs or wheels are unstable it has the potential of collapsing which would cause permanent damage to the structure of the instrument. Often, a piano’s wheels need to be replaced 1-2 times during its useful life. If the legs appear wobbly, they do not need to be scrapped as the repair is simple but essential. Consulting with a piano servicing Fort Lauderdale with help with this issue.
  3. Pedal Tension: Lastly, if you sense some abnormalities with your pedal tension you should exercise caution. Working pedals will ensure the piano sound is in-tune, while pedals that lack tension will result in the piano performing quietly. The pedals connect directly to the keyboard so it is important you monitor their performance regularly. This repair is not extensive, but if it is ignored, the sound quality of your instrument is jeopardized.

For more information regarding piano repairs, contact American Piano Service is Fort Lauderdale, FL and we would be happy to assist you!