Piano Tuner Fort Lauderdale, FL

piano tuner fort lauderdale

Piano Tuner Fort Lauderdale, FL

Why it’s Important to Tune Your Piano

The piano is a complex instrument comprised of 220 strings. Each string serves a unique purpose in creating the general sound for the music. All 220 strings have separate pitches and frequencies that must be tuned to match one another. The strings stretch out over time due the the built up tension and stress out on these instruments. This causes the piano to go out of tune and quality of sound to be hindered. The following are reasons why it is important to consult a piano tuning company:

  1. Prevent serious damage: By regularly tuning your piano, you can prevent serious damage to the sound quality of the instrument. Professionals are able to pinpoint trouble spots and correct them to extend the useful life for you piano.

  2. Detect issues early on: Another benefit from consulting a piano tuning company is that they can alert you of problems during their early stages. Often a piano may sound completely fine despite underlying issues. With schedules tunings, professionals can notify you of hard to detect problems that can cause serious damage unnoticed over time.

  3. Advice: Professional tuners can offer you advice on situations like how to best position your piano. Instruments last longer when situated in properly in a room. Often, higher humidity levels results in pianos going out of tune quicker. Additionally, airflow does not help prolong the life of your piano. A professional will help you find the best spot in your home to limit the frequencies of tunings.

  4. Save you money: Lastly, consulting a professional tuner can save you money in the long run. Even if your piano is used for simply decoration, it should still be tuned regularly as it can depreciate in value if poorly maintained. These tunings are much more convenient and cost-efficient if done frequently.

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